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I am a writer and historian based in Austin, TX.  Trained in both archaeology and history of science, my research and writing interests focus on the history of paleoanthropology, archaeology, and material culture.  My fieldwork, archival research, and writing projects have ranged from South Africa, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, and Iran as well as the American Southwest.

My current book project, Famous Fossils, Hidden Histories, traces one hundred years of fossil hominin discoveries sketching the stories of the fossils as they move from scientific circles to iconic cultural symbols.  This book project follows from The Last Lost World: Ice Ages, Human Origins, and the Invention of the Pleistocene  (Viking, 2012.)   

My second current book project, Bookshelf, is part of the Object Lesson series from Bloomsbury Press.

I am a contributing editor for The Appendix, and also review history, anthropology, and other literary nonfiction through NewPages and The New York Journal of Books