Selected Essays

Mapping Non-European Visions of the World Hyperallergic
You Say What You Eat Archaeology Magazine
The Stories in Bones LARB
Copies, Fakes, & Reproductions Hyperallergic
The Diplodocus and the Robber Baron Pacific Standard
Dismantling the Narrative of Soviet Socialist Realism Versus American Abstract Expressionism Hyperallergic
The Art of Reading: A Brief History of Books Depicted in Western Art Hyperallergic
Mild Boars Archaeology Magazine
A Rare Persian Textile Offers Surprising Insight Into Paradise Hyperallergic
Rising Star Found A New Species — Now It Wants To Find A New Way For Paleoanthropology Ars Technica
I Hate To Wait: On Jason Farman’s “Delayed Response” LARB
Early Americans, Top 10 Discoveries in 2018 Archaeology Magazine
Hominin Hybrid, Top 10 Discoveries in 2018 Archaeology Magazine
A Fantastic Recreation of a Renaissance Cabinet of Curiosities Hyperallergic
Another Form of Slavery Archaeology Magazine
Five Centuries of Play Between Word and Image Hyperallergic
History for Sale: On Paige Williams’s “The Dinosaur Artist: Obsession, Betrayal, and the Quest for Earth’s Ultimate Trophy” LARB
Hopi Visions: Journey of the Human Spirit Hyperallergic
Ice Age Necropolis     Archaeology Magazine
The Secret Lives of Bookshelves     Kinfolk Magazine (print only)
The Art of Creating Replicas  of Ice Age Cave Paintings     Hyperallergic
A History of Ink In Six Objects     History Today
Neanderthals Made Cave Paintings Before Modern Humans Ever Reached Europe     Hyperallergic
An Artist and Anthropologist Reinterpret Stone Age Tools as Sculpture     Hyperallergic
Invisible Cities: Where Travelers Go Everywhere and Nowhere     Los Angeles Review of Books
Yvette Borup Andrews: Photographing Central Asia     Public Domain Review
The Bookshelves of Ancient Ebla     History Today
The Second Life of Mongolian Fossils     The Atlantic
Your Paintings Are Numbered     Hyperallergic
Rewilding the Steppe: Restoring the Prehistoric Horse     JSTOR Daily
Taking Stock of Biobanking     Undark Magazine
When The Last Shall Be First     LA Review of Books
The Statistics of Coin Tosses For Theater Geeks     JSTOR Daily
Open Sourcing Lucy, the World's Most Famous Fossil     Ars Technica
How 'Lucy' Became Such A Famous Fossil     Time
Why We Still Love Lucy     History Today
How To Sell 100,000 Sci-Fi Books     Electric Literature
Writing About Fossils Found By Men     Lady Science
When Fossils Come to Life     Powells
The Paradox of Doping in Mountain Climbing     Nautilus
World's Best Natural History Museums    Fodor's
The Neanderthal in the Mirror     The Scientist
The Object History of a Persian Rug     JSTOR Daily
The Sticky History of Adhesives     JSTOR Daily
Complexity in Simplicity: 3 Technologies In Ceramics     JSTOR Daily
Inside The Alchemist's Workshop     JSTOR Daily
We Didn't Start the Fire (Neanderthals Did)     JSTOR Daily
Why Do We Imagine The Future Without Bookshelves?     New Orleans Review
Bookshelves At Sea      Bloomsbury Literary Studies
How One Company Designed the Bookshelves that Made America’s Biggest Libraries Possible     Slate Vault
Are There Bookshelves in the Future? Seven Science Fiction Libraries     Electric Literature
Bookshelf  (excerpt)     LitHub
Dear Paleoanthropology, Homo Naledi Just Shifted Your Paradigm     JSTOR Daily
Neanderthals in 3D     Public Domain Review
Isaac the Robot     The Atlantic
To Russia, With Love    The Appendix
Our Neanderthal Complex     Nautilus
Tools of the Trade    Unmaking Things
Quests For Fire: Neanderthals in SciFi    The Appendix
Unemployed     South 85
Impressions of the Pleistocene     Twilight Beasts
Piltdown Man: The Hoax    The Appendix
Ditsong Dioramas: Putting a Face on a Fossil     The Appendix
The Taung Child's Box: A 20th Century Reliquary     Unmaking Things
Saint George & the Pterodactyl      The Appendix
A Fortune Not Fowl      Marco Polo Literary Magazine
When Metaphor Writes History     Somatosophere
Creating the Human Past (review)    Paleoanthropology
Life Histories and Dynamic Objects: Klasies River Mouth     Curator: The Museum Journal
Archives of Identity (review of The genealogical science)     Metascience